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“Back in October I had the pleasure of having Britt-Marie Waters fly to Seattle to assist me with several large organizing/reorganizing/purging projects. From day one Britt-Marie was focused, tireless and had an endless supply of ideas on how to orchestrate these big projects.At the end of the process I felt like I could breath again. I was lighter. And I was proud of myself for letting go. Britt-Marie has that magic ability to keep you focused, nudge you when needed and help you have fun at the same time. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.

-Ann Johnson

“Britt Marie is the ultimate professional and approaches each project with enthusiasm, personalized detail, superior organizational skills and a value based work ethic”.

-Jan Martin

“I was pleased to be introduced to Britt-Marie and have her help on a current project. She thoughtfully understood the needs of my client and approached the job with confidence and swiftly helped achieve our goals. I will be happy to work with her again”.

-Terri Kerwin
Luxury Property Specialist

Britt-Marie is creative, quick and has an amazing aesthetic.  She swiftly worked with me to transform my closet from a cluttered disaster to an organized haven in a few hours. In addition, she scooped up all my unwanted items and either repurposed them or placed them with “new owners”. Thank you Britt-Marie for giving me the courage to face a daunting job that I have been putting off for years and actually make the task painless and even fun.

-Cindy Clark